The oral mucosa consists of different types of cell layers. The permeability from the cell surface to the blood vessel varies, maximum permeability is under the tongue and the inside of the cheek and minimum permeability is in the palate. The theory behind Winst Irons mechanism of action is:

  1. Winst Iron dissolves in the oral mucosa (inside of the cheek, gums, on/under the tongue).
  2. Winst Iron löses upp i kontakt med saliv och järnfumarat blir tillgängligt för absorption.
  3. Blodkärl har en insida av endotelceller och en utsida av epitelceller.
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  4. DMT1 and TFR1 is membrane proteins that can absorb Fe2+ and is found in several cell types including endothelial cells and active keratinocytes.


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Advantages of an orodispersible tablet over a traditional oral treatment are numerous:
– Increased onset of action
– Increased bioavailability
– Reduced impact on the gastrointestinal road
– Handy for patients with swallowing difficulties
– More precise dosing than liquid alternatives
– It avoids first pass metabolism, which reduces the need of a high amount of active substance, thereby reducing side effects

In a traditional oral treatment of iron the body can absorb only about 10-15% of the total iron content of the tablet and the remaining 85-90% is retained awhile in the intestine and then it often appears as a black stool.

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