Winst Iron is an orodispersible tablet containing 30mg ferrous fumarate (Fe2+), vitamin C and folic acid. Winst Iron differ from traditional iron tablets (swallowed) that is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, oral pills.

The oral mucosa consists of different types of cell layers. The permeability from the cell surface to the blood vessel varies, maximum permeability is under the tongue and the inside of the cheek and minimum permeability is in the palate. The theory behind Winst Irons mechanism of action is:

  1. Winst Iron dissolves in the oral mucosa (inside of the cheek, gums, on/under the tongue).
  2. Winst Iron löses upp i kontakt med saliv och järnfumarat blir tillgängligt för absorption.
  3. Blodkärl har en insida av endotelceller och en utsida av epitelceller.
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  4. DMT1 and TFR1 is membrane proteins that can absorb Fe2+ and is found in several cell types including endothelial cells and active keratinocytes.


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Advantages of an orodispersible tablet over a traditional oral treatment are numerous:
– Increased onset of action
– Increased bioavailability
– Reduced impact on the gastrointestinal road
– Handy for patients with swallowing difficulties
– More precise dosing than liquid alternatives
– It avoids first pass metabolism, which reduces the need of a high amount of active substance, thereby reducing side effects

In a traditional oral treatment of iron the body can absorb only about 10-15% of the total iron content of the tablet and the remaining 85-90% is retained awhile in the intestine and then it often appears as a black stool.

Experiences from the Health Panel participants (a Swedish analysis):
Got no gastrointestinal side effects: 78%
Good taste and very good taste: 88%
Worked well or very well that the tablet dissolves on the tongue: 82%
The survey showed an average increase of 62% in the value of iron (Fe-S) of the people who performed the blood test.

”I was very happy that my stomach was not affected. Usually with iron tablets, I get diarrhea.”

”Was very pleasantly surprised by the good taste”

”I’m testing Winst Iron which is a great iron tablet. As a blood donor I have tried many
different iron tablets, but all the same, the stomach takes a beating. But with Winst Iron
both I and my stomach has felt good. I give it a thumbs up! ”

Sofia Friberg, CEO for Innovative Health Sweden AB, invented the product after years of suffering from anemia and the side effects of traditional peroral iron tablets and liquids. It was a constant struggle to choose between the tiredness, shortness of breath and headaches from the anemia itself, or to endure the many side effects of the iron treatment including constipation, diarrhea, nausea and terrible stomach pain. Sofia’s passion for hiking and reaching mountaintops also complicated the condition and treatment.

During one of her expeditions to the top of Kilimanjaro, Sofia decided to address her health situation. As a molecular biologist, she was fortunate to already understand physiology and genetic expressions in the body. This allowed her to pursue her dream of developing this orodispersible iron tablet which is kinder to the stomach. Two years after ascending Kilimanjaro, the idea is now a final product, proudly offered by Innovative Health Sweden AB.

Winst Iron – The stomach’s choice of iron treatment!

Iron (iron fumarate), Vitamin-C (ascorbic acid), Folic acid (pteroylglutamin acid), Excipients (mannitol, crospovidone, microcrystalline cellulose, sorbitol, silicone dioxide, PVP/VA copolymer), Aroma (orange flavour), Anti-oxidant (citric acid), Surfactants (magnesium salts of fatty acids), Sweeteners (sucralose neohesperidin dihydrochalcone, thaumatin).


Innovative Health Sweden AB focuses on developing and marketing innovative health products for people suffering from side effects of traditional products and treatments.
The first product, Winst Iron, is now available in Sweden and is an incredible solution for iron administration. It is an orodispersible tablett hat is administered without affecting the gastrointestinal tract, thus easing daily administration of iron. Winst Iron’s orodispersible formula has a pleasent orange flavor and quickly dissolves in the mouth, absorbing into the bloodstream via vascular arteries and veins in the mucous membrane in the mouth.



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